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A&R (Automation & Robotics)

A & R since 1983 produces high-tech equipment for lens manufacturers and optical laboratories.
This company specializes in the manufacture of machines and instruments for lens inspection, packaging, ink stamping, laser engraving and blocking.
In relation to its products, mainly wanted to highlight some of their instruments:

· FOCOVISION: Is a high-tech lensometer that measures the optical power of each point of the lens without marking them. The measurement is accurate and takes less than 30 seconds, without depending on the operator. Another focovision model allows measuring those lenses that are already mounted on the frame.

· DUAL LENSMAPPER: This instrument permits to achieve a very high optical quality control of your freeform lenses. It compares the actual lens and its design leading to an accurate error map with Go/NoGo decision. This is the perfect tool to check your freeform process. It also measures the front curve of your semi-finished lenses to qualify your different suppliers.

· DIGITAL LENS INKER : Use the inkjet technology to print your freeform lenses with maximum flexibility. This system finds automatically the micro-engravings and aligns the lens image accordingly. The high image resolution and the detection of right/left inverted lenses are other advantages.

A & R used its technology of positioning and identification of lenses (PPOS), combining different options that optimize laboratory productivity significantly reducing costs with the elimination of the human error.

Contact us for more information on products of interest, we will gladly assist you immediately.