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Ultra Optics spin coatings lead the market with a share of over 95%, and this occurs for a simple reason: Quality and Price.
Ultra Optics is an American company founded in 1985 pioneer in the production of Spin Coatings.

Their products count on with very important distinctive advantages fundamentally its hardness, adhesion and stability. Being a stable product primarily, the application of the coating on the lens surface does not vary remaining within the required thickness ranges for the subsequent application of other processes such as tinting or antireflective coating among the most importants.

We also know the coating is an essential product in the lens manufacturing process, not only because it generates a high added value to the final product, but also because it is part of the last stage of production. While the cost per lens is low, hovering around $ 0.17 cents, ensure a good application is very important in terms of quality and additional costs that may arise subsequently because of rework and / or loss of lenses. For the same reason at the end the performance of the application and its final quality is more important than the direct cost of the application itself.

Take a look to the following chart with the most important characteristics of our coatings.