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An All Purpose Cleaner That Gives You the clarity you need for all your lens Cleaning Needs
Ultra Optics all purpose lens cleaner is scientifically formulated to effectively clean all AR-coated lenses. It will also QUICKLY degrease, clean and shine any plastic or glass lens, coated or uncoated. The lens cleaner has an anti-streak property allowing for EASY cleaning and an anti-static property to repel dust so lenses will stay cleaner longer. Fill your spray bottles in your coating department and lens inspection stations. This product works great for use as a pre-cleaning agent before coating and many other applications.

· Safe on all lens materials
· Anti static and anti-streak
· Safe on AR lenses
· NON hazardous
· Great as a pre clean before coating
· Replaces Isopropyl Alcohol
· Non Hazardous for shipping
· Many more uses....