We are excited to invite you to join our new web portal at General Optics LLC!   

With this you will gain the ability to generate purchase orders independently and enjoy a host of additional benefits.   

We believe this will greatly enhance your experience as our valued customer.   

By accessing our web portal, you will have the following capabilities at your fingertips:   

1. Generate Purchase Orders: Easily create purchase orders directly through the portal, providing you with a streamlined and efficient ordering process.   

2. View Orders and Invoices: Gain full visibility into your placed orders and access related invoices conveniently from the portal. This feature allows you to keep track of your transactions effortlessly.   

3. Download Product Reference Information: Access comprehensive product information, including brochures. You can conveniently download these resources directly from the portal.

To get started and access the portal, please follow these simple steps:   

1.Contact our company at    orders@generaloptics.us    from the email address you wish to use as your username within the portal.    

2.Once we receive your email, we will promptly send you an invitation to create your password. This email will guide you through the password creation process. After setting up your password, you will have full access to our web portal and can begin enjoying the benefits mentioned above.   

Should you encounter any issues or require assistance during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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This area is classified into two sectors

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1- Lenses

Each lens shows the matrix with the available lenses. The designated colors in the grids help to know the corresponding price according to the desired variable.

Also you can see the different treatmen available from each lens, UC (Uncoating), HC (Hardcoating), AR (Regular Anti Reflex coating -Blue or Green-); and the matrix with avariable base curves and diameters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The grid fields can be used with the copy and paste function. If you already have the grid in Excel format, you can carry out this operation.

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2- Consumables

My Account

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Check easily all documents and information

My Cart

This section shows all the products you have selected for purchase;

From here you can: 

  •     Make changes 

  •     Continue shopping 

  •     Go to Checkout

Step by Step

Here is a short instructive where you can see how to place your order

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Step 1

Click on Sing In

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Step 2

Complete with your email and password

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Step 3

In the section Shop, you can see our products.

To search; use the categories at left  [1]  or put the item number at the top  [2] .


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Step 4

Selecting a product you can enter to the grid by clicking on the circle that indicates the treatment of the lens [1] 
You can also download the brochure of the chosen lens [2]
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Step 5

Complete the grid with the quantities you want to order [1] clicking on the "Add to cart"  button.
You can see some product information [2]
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      Step 6

      This section shows all the products you have selected for purchase. You can edit the quantities or delete the products you don't want.

      Clicking the button "Process Checkout" you will be able to see he billing and shipping address associated with your account. If you want to add any clarification, you can do it in the space provided for Comments.

       Clicking "Confirm" a budget will be created; this you can download from the same page through the right button "Download".
      Finally Customer Service will send you the information of your confirmed order by email.

      *If you do not receive the mentioned email, please check your Spam folder.